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Basic setup
  • How to setup JImageUpload ?
    JImageUpload includes two sample files :
    For FTP : applet_ftp_ipreview.html + applet_ftp_ipreview.js
    for HTTP : applet_http_ipreview.html + applet_http_ipreview.js.
    Edit and modify parameters in the file matching to your need.
  • JImageUpload fails to load (gray box) ?
    You must install JFileUpload first. Then you have to follow installation instructions above (copy previewui.jar under lib/ folder ...).
  • How to modify JImageUpload thumbnails properties (size, ...) ?
    Edit i18n_pane.properties and update resources as you need. For thumbnails size:
    Thumbnails are displayed in a table. You can select table layout with:
  • How to internationalize JImageUpload resources (messages, errors , ...) ?
    In the same way as you can internationalize JFileUpload resources through i18n_bar.properties and i18n_pane.properties.
Advanced setup
  • How to allow both images and non-images upload ?
    Comment preview.image.extensions property in i18n_pane.properties. If you want JImageUpload to display "No preview available" for non-image files then uncomment preview.image.nopreview property.
  • How to limit amount of images to upload ?
    Default limit is preview.grid.columns x preview.grid.rows. For instance, if preview.grid.columns=20 and preview.grid.rows=5 then maximum amount of images is 100. If need to setup it to 99 then use maxfiles parameter from JFileUpload:
    <PARAM NAME="maxfiles" VALUE="99">
  • How to enable file menu ?
    You enable file menu with file chooser through:
    <PARAM NAME="hidebar" VALUE="false">
  • How to setup JImageUpload to recurse folders and subfolders to load images ?
    Same as JFileUpload, enable folderdepth:
    <PARAM NAME="folderdepth" VALUE="-1">
  • How to setup JImageUpload to create folders structure when recursing ?
    As for JFileUpload, you need to enable folderdepth parameter and relativefilename extra parameter. It will recreate folders structure on server-side. However, you need to setup policy=ignore too:
    <PARAM NAME="folderdepth" VALUE="-1">
    <PARAM NAME="param4" VALUE="relativefilename">
    <PARAM NAME="value4" VALUE="true">
    <PARAM NAME="policy" VALUE="ignore">
    Also, if you plan to use rotation feature or chain JImageFilter to JImageUpload then you do need to setup:
    <PARAM NAME="filterparam1" VALUE="tmpfolder">
    <PARAM NAME="filtervalue1" VALUE="auto">
    It will create temporary images in the same folders as original images (instead of user's temporary folder) and then it allows to keep folders structure.
Scale and rotate support
  • Can I chain JImageFilter to JImageUpload ?
    Yes, here are instructions to integrate it:
    1 - Install JImageUpload with JFileUpload.
    2 - Copy scaling.properties into the same folder as others .properties files.
    3 - Copy ifilter.jar into lib/ folder with others JAR files.
    4 - Append ,lib/ifilter.jar to all ARCHIVE parameters in JImageUpload JavaScript.
    5 - Enable JImageFilter in JImageUpload JavaScript:
         <PARAM NAME="filter" VALUE="jfileupload.upload.client.filter.ImageFilter">
         <PARAM NAME="filterproperties" VALUE="scaling.properties">
  • How to enable rotation feature ?
    Images could be rotated before upload. To enable it you need to install JImageFilter (follow instructions of previous question above except step 5). Uncomment the following properties in i18n_pane.properties:
    preview.upload.rotation.started=Image rotation started ({0}), please wait ...
    preview.upload.rotation.completed=Image rotation completed ({0})
    preview.upload.rotation.failed=Image rotation failed: {0}
  • Can I use JImageUpload Pro with JFileUpload Enterprise ?
    No, JImageUpload Pro works with JFileUpload Pro only. JImageUpload Enterprise requires JFileUpload Enterprise or Premium.

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