- Installation -

JFileDownload is a JFileUpload add-on that provides download features. It allows downloading multiple files and folders from any FTP or HTTP server. Main features are resume support, skip/overwrite popup for duplicated files and authentication support.


JFileDownload is a JFileUpload add-on so you do need JFileUpload installed before installing it. Here are instructions:

  1. Copy dist/lib/download.jar under lib/ folder (where others JFileUpload JAR files are stored).
  2. Copy i18n_bar.properties, i18n_pane.properties and all .html + .js files under the same folder as JFileUpload HTML/JavaScript files.
  3. Modify dist/applet_http_download.js or dist/applet_ftp_download.js to setup basic parameters and open the HTML file in your browser to try it.
  4. Optional : Modify i18n_pane.properties to customize front-end.

Parameters and properties

Samples provided in JFileDownload are already setup with basic parameters. You just have to update url parameter with your own server and item parameters for remote files. JFileDownload supports most JFileUpload parameters. Front-end can also be customized. Panel properties (position, size, logs, colors, messages, buttons, ...) are available under i18n_pane.properties. They're all detailed here. Progress bar properties (messages, colors) are under i18n_bar.properties.

Any problem ? Read the [FAQ] first. Still a problem ? Post your question to our online support forum.

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