- FAQ -

Basic setup
  • How to setup JFileDownload ?
    Copy download.jar under lib/ folder where you have existing JFileUpload JAR files.
    Copy i18n_pane.properties, i18n_bar.properties and HTML/JavaScript files in same folder as JFileUpload HTML/JavaScript files. JFileDownload includes two sample files :
    For FTP: applet_ftp_download.html + applet_ftp_download.js
    for HTTP: applet_http_download.html + applet_http_download.js
    Edit and modify parameters in the file matching to your need.
  • JFileDownload fails to load (gray box) ?
    You must install JFileUpload first. Then you have to follow installation instructions above (copy download.jar under lib/ folder ...).
  • How to setup files/folders to download ?
    Use item1, item2 and so on such as:
      <PARAM NAME="item1" VALUE="file1.zip">
      <PARAM NAME="item2" VALUE="file2.pdf">
    You can also download full folders with subfolders through:
      <PARAM NAME="folderdepth" VALUE="-1">
      <PARAM NAME="param2" VALUE="relativefilename">
      <PARAM NAME="value2" VALUE="true">
      <PARAM NAME="item1" VALUE="yourfoldername1">
      <PARAM NAME="item2" VALUE="yourfoldername2">
  • How to modify JFileDownload resources (messages, menu, errors ...) ?
    Most JFileDownload resources could be modified. Edit i18n_pane.properties (for download panel) and i18n_bar.properties (for progress bar and button only) to update resources as you need.
  • How to internationalize JFileDownload resources (messages, errors , ...) ?
    In the same way as you can internationalize JFileUpload resources through i18n_pane.properties and i18n_bar.properties.
Advanced setup
  • How to download files from a remote folder ?
    Use "account' extra parameter to setup initial remote folder for files to download. For instance to download files from user1 folder:
      <PARAM NAME="param6" VALUE="account">
      <PARAM NAME="value6" VALUE="user1">
  • How to download one file only with "Save As" option ?
    Setup JFileDownload to download one file only with item1 such as:
    <PARAM NAME="item1" VALUE="yourfile.zip">
    Comment the following line in i18n_bar.properties:
    Optionally, update the following line in i18n_pane.properties with "Save As":
        savefilepanel.save.button=Select location
    Then, the applet will provide a file chooser with filename option to download:
    Save As

  • How to modify "Select location" label in button of first panel ?
    Modify the following line in i18n_pane.properties:
        savefilepanel.save.button=Select location
  • How to enable native look and feel ?
    Uncomment the following line in i18n_bar.properties:
  • How to move "Cancel" button on the right side ?
    Modify the following line in i18n_bar.properties:
  • How to modify background color ?
    Modify the following line in i18n_pane.properties:
FTP related
  • JFileDownload fails to download folders ?
    Make sure that "change dir" and/or "sub directory include" permissions are enabled for your FTP account. If not enabled then you will get error such as "folder not found" or "cannot change directory".
  • Can JFileDownload download through SFTP instead of FTP ?
    Yes, you need to install SFTP add-on over JFileDownload and replace:
      <PARAM NAME="url" VALUE="ftp://yourserver.com">
      <PARAM NAME="url" VALUE="sftp://yourserver.com">
    If you get "file not found" error on download then try to add:
      <PARAM NAME="param6" VALUE="accountpwd">
      <PARAM NAME="value6" VALUE="true">
  • JFileDownload returns "Error Initializing Parser" message on loading ?
    Make sure that custom HTTP error pages are not enabled for the web folder where you've installed JFileDownload. JFileDownload tries to load an internal parser matching to your FTP system (returned by FTP SYST command). For instance, for UNIX Type: L8, it tries to load http://yourserver.com/path/UNIX%20Type:%20L8.class. Your server must return HTTP 404. With custom HTTP error pages, it returns HTTP 200 that generates the parser error.
HTTP related
  • How to setup JFileDownload for HTTP transfers ?
    You need a server-side script implementing JFileDownload commands to list folders, get files info and download We provide three samples:
    - One that works with JSPUpload script. You have to use explorer.jsp from server-side/jsp/ folder and add <%@ include file="explorer.jsp" %> in process.jsp (see readme.txt from JFileDownload package).
    - Others that work with PHP and CFM samples scripts available in add-ons section. You have to use explorer.php from server-side/php/ folder and add include "explorer.php"; in process.php (see readme.txt from JFileDownload package).
  • Does JFileDownload support SSL ?
    Yes, both HTTPS and FTPS. Just modify url parameter (with https://yourserver, or ftps://yourserver) to make it works.
  • How to prompt end-user for FTP login/password ?
    First, enable authentication parameter such as :
    <PARAM NAME="authentication" VALUE="auto">
    Second, remove all username and password parameters. End-user will be prompted on first download transfer.
    If you want to prompt end-user on applet loading (before first transfer) then you have fill in username parameter with any value (e.g. anonymous) and an empty password such as :
    <PARAM NAME="username" VALUE="anonymous">
    <PARAM NAME="password" VALUE="">
    You have a sample image of the prompt on the right.
    Three attempts are allowed.
  • Can I use JFileDownload Pro with JFileUpload Enterprise ?
    No, JFileDownload Pro works with JFileUpload Pro only. JFileDownload Enterprise requires JFileUpload Enterprise or Premium.
  • Where can I find JFileDownload samples ?
    You can find both FTP and HTTP samples in documentation/samples/ folder.

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