- Installation -

JDiskExplorer provides an explorer-like front-end. It allows to browse local and remote folders over either FTP or HTTP. Main features are files/folders upload and download, create folders, rename and delete files. It supports chmod for FTP Unix systems.


JDiskExplorer is a JFileUpload add-on so you do need JFileUpload installed before installing it. Here are instructions:

  1. Copy dist/lib/explorerui.jar under lib/ folder (where others JFileUpload JAR files are stored).
  2. Copy i18n_bar.properties, i18n_pane.properties and all .html + .js files under the same folder as JFileUpload HTML/JavaScript files.
  3. Modify dist/applet_http_explorer.js or dist/applet_ftp_explorer.js to setup basic parameters and open the HTML file in your browser to try it.
  4. Optional : Modify i18n_pane.properties to customize front-end.

Parameters and properties

Samples provided in JDiskExplorer are already setup with basic parameters. You just have to update url parameter with your own server. JDiskExplorer supports most JFileUpload parameters. Front-end can also be customized. Panel properties (position, size, logs, colors, messages, buttons, ...) are available under i18n_pane.properties. They're all detailed here. Progress bar properties (messages, colors) are under i18n_bar.properties.

Any problem ? Read the [FAQ] first. Still a problem ? Post your question to our online support forum.

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