- FAQ -

Basic setup
  • What do I need to run SCP ?
    You need Java (JRE 1.4 or higher) installed on client-side and JFileUpload installed.
  • How to setup SCP ?
    SCP package includes a sample file (applet_scp.js) for upload. Edit and modify parameters in this file (url, username and password) matching to your server.
  • What SCP server are supported ?
    It should work with any SCP server with SSHv2.
  • How to enable resume?
    Resume is not supported by SCP
  • I get invalid credentials error?
    Make sure that url, username and password are correct. Test your SCP connection with a regular SCP client such as WinSCP.
  • How to modify colors and buttons of the UI ?
    You have setup resources parameter and modify a i18n.properties text file. A tutorial is available here. <PARAM NAME="resources" VALUE="i18n">
Advanced setup
  • How to use SCP with JDiskExplorer?
    1 - Start from your existing JDiskExplorer already setup for a FTP server.
    2 - Copy scpimpl.jar and jsch.jar into the lib/ folder with others JAR files.
    3 - Append ,lib/scpimpl.jar,lib/jsch.jar to all ARCHIVE parameters in the JDiskExplorer explorer JavaScript.
    4 - Update url parameter to have something like scp://yourserver.com
    5 - Update username and password if required.
    There is a ready-to-use applet_scp_explorer.js JavaScript in samples/ folder.
  • How to use SCP with JBatchUpload?
    Same answer as question above, just replace JDiskExploxer word by JBatchUpload.
  • How to use SCP with JImageUpload?
    Same answer as first question above, just replace JDiskExploxer word by JImageUpload.
  • How to setup an initial folder where files will be uploaded?
    Setup account extra parameter such as:
    <PARAM NAME="param7" VALUE="account">
    <PARAM NAME="value7" VALUE="yourremotefolder">
  • How to upload files, folders and subfolders?
    Add the following parameters:
    <PARAM NAME="folderdepth" VALUE="-1">
    <PARAM NAME="param6" VALUE="relativefilename">
    <PARAM NAME="value6" VALUE="true">
  • How to prompt for SSH login/password?
    Remove all username and password parameters in the JavaScript and add the authentication parameter:
    <PARAM NAME="authentication" VALUE="auto">
  • How to not pass the plain login/password in JavaScript?
    You can move username and password in i18n.properties. You can also BASE64 encode them. See JFileUpload FAQ to see how to proceed. Since 2.3 encryption is available for username and password, we can encrypt your credentials upon request to our support team.
  • How SCP is secure?
    SCP stands for SSH Secure Copy Protocol. Security comes from SSH which rely on encrypted communication with the server.
  • Can I use SCP Pro with JFileUpload Enterprise?
    No, SCP Pro works with JFileUpload Pro only. SCP Enterprise requires JFileUpload Enterprise or Premium.

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