- Installation -

JFileUpload Pure HTML is an HTML5 client that does not rely on any external plugin such as Flash or Java. It just requires a modern browser such as FireFox, Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer, Safari or Opera. It has been tested under desktop and tablets. This component could be integrated into any application. Server-side technology could be PHP, ASP.NET, JSP, CGI/PERL, Ruby, ColdFusion or more. Front-end provides a real-time upload progress bar, some "Select File(s)/Folder" + "Cancel" buttons and drag&drop support. JFileUpload supports very large uploads over 2GB and could resume broken uploads. It is customizable (colors, size and multilanguage). See installation instructions below.

  1. Download and unzip JFileUpload Pure HTML package.
  2. Add css/, js/ and img/ folders on your web server.
  3. Setup some parameter under index.html example (included in package) and add it to you web server.
  4. Try http://yourserver.com/yourplace/index.html

JFileUpload Pure HTML definition and parameters are setup in an HTML file with a DIV that will contain front-end and script that create JFileUpload with parameters. SeeĀ Configuration.

Any problem? Read the [FAQ] first. Still a problem? Post your question to our online support forum.