Problem with JPG File

Image previewer add-on.
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Problem with JPG File

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We have the jimageupload and jimagefilter add-ons.
I have tried the tool with multiple jpg files and it works as intended for most files with the exception of a particular jpg file provided to us by a customer.
The preview and the scaling do not work with this image, yet the file still uploads. We don't experience a failure, which may actually be better as we don't want to render an image later downstream that is improperly sized.
Any idea what could cause this to happen?
I have examined some sample images in this tool:
The only discrepancy that I see is that the problem image is missing some color transform/sampling information in the meta data. It was created and maintained with Adobe Illustrator while the others were created with Photoshop.

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Re: Problem with JPG File

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How large is the image?

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