Upload started ...Server error AccessDenied

Amazon S3 upload add-on.

Upload started ...Server error AccessDenied

Postby dlcervan » Tue Feb 28, 2012 2:50 pm

We've recently updated to v2.9 of JS3Upload and we're seeing an issue when we attempt to upload a file in chunks. The resulting error is 'Upload started ...Server error AccessDenied'. The following is a slightly more detailed description while uploading:

Splitting file : oceans3.mp4
in 4 chunk(s) up to 5,242,880 bytes
Creating chunk 1 ...chunk 1 created
Uploading : oceans3.mp4
(5,242,880 bytes)
Upload started ...Server error AccessDenied

Also note, we're able to successfully upload using v2.3.
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