Moiré patterns on resized images

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Moiré patterns on resized images

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I've been having an issue with a Moiré type pattern ( appearing on resized images create by JImageFilter. In the two images shown below, one was resized using bicubic interpolation in Photoshop while the other one was created using JImageFilter. As you can see there is a distinct Moiré pattern on the police officer's utility belt in the second image and it would be great to have a fix for this as it can be quite distracting..!

Resized in Photosop
Created with Photoshop
(5.34 KiB) Downloaded 293 times

Resized with JImageFilter
Created with JImageFilter
(7.83 KiB) Downloaded 288 times

Thanks for looking into it!


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Re: Moiré patterns on resized images

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Moiré pattern could be avoided by uncommenting "impl=awt" in Scaling is around twice slower than default implementation (imageio) but image quality is best. We've implemented a new multi-step imageio bilinear scaling algorithm in 2.1, it provides quality/speed in the middle performance of imageio and awt.

You can find a tutorial with samples about image quality and parameters recommendations at: ... ality.html

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