Problems initializing JImageFilter

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Problems initializing JImageFilter

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Hi you all, first of all, thanks for the great app that JFileUpload is, second, i was trying to make JImageFilter to work for hours but i just can't, i have downloaded the 2.7 version (the last i guess) with the same version on JFileUpload but it's not working, in the JavaScript Console i get this:

Code: Select all

[INFO] MApplet - JFileUpload 2.7 Build FINAL.001
[INFO] E - Filter[] instantiated: jfileupload.upload.client.filter.ImageFilter
[INFO] ImageFilter - Initializing Image Filter 2.6 FINAL.001 []
Exception in thread "thread applet-jfileupload.upload.client.MApplet.class-19" java.lang.NoSuchMethodError: jfileupload.transfer.client.util.Conf.O()Ljava/net/URL;
   at jfileupload.upload.client.filter.ImageFilter.A(Unknown Source)
   at jfileupload.transfer.client.core.E.W(Unknown Source)
   at jfileupload.transfer.client.http.F.W(Unknown Source)
   at jfileupload.transfer.client.http.HTTPUploadTransfer.W(Unknown Source)
   at jfileupload.transfer.client.util.Conf.B(Unknown Source)
   at jfileupload.upload.client.MApplet.init(Unknown Source)
   at sun.plugin2.applet.Plugin2Manager$ Source)
   at Source)

I don't know to much of Java but for me, this error isn't saying anything that would help me to get what's wrong.

Could someone help me with this? thanks in advance.

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Re: Problems initializing JImageFilter

Post by support »

Could you test the online JImageFilter at: ... ilter.html

Does it load?

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