one site work and other no

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one site work and other no

Postby crosemffet » Mon Jan 04, 2016 1:01 pm

hello, and thanks for your support.
I'm already a licensed customer. I don't know what version i have. I check in file properties of the jfileupload.jar file but it doesn't show any version number. jar file has 129,684 bytes, and is dated dec 2014.
I have the jar licensed and running ok in my server with
now, I'm testing a second server with the same system, in case I need to expand, with
(domain remains the same, all I've changed is the subdomain).
the jar works ok in the original subdomain, but refuse to load in the new subdomain.
what's wrong...?
so, on server1 everything works ok, on server2 the error is: jfileupload.upload.client.MApplet.class.
the code running on server2 is exactly the same php code running on server1. both server1 and server2 runs apache (almost the same version number). so what's the difference...? why when pages are served from server1 runs ok and when pages are served from server2 the applet refuse to load...?
will be waiting for your reply about it, i'm stuck on this situation...
thanks in advance,
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Re: one site work and other no

Postby support » Thu Mar 10, 2016 7:54 pm

Are you able to download a JAR file directly from browser on both domains?
There is a configuration difference on server2. Try to access each JAR files one by one from browser. If browser cannot access them then JRE neither.
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